I created this pack for producers that are interested in the sounds I use to create in my music. This is by far my most insane drum kit yet and will probably be all you need to create professional quality music. I spent over 8 months gathering all these sounds together for myself and for you. It’s absolutely packed with RARE high quality insane sounds, presets, that very few producers have. Every sound in this pack has been used in all of my classic songs such as 4U, Contrast, Alone, Absence, Quake, Grind, Enigma, Apollo, Paranormal, Darkness, Let Go, Darkness, Fallen, Core Remix and more!


Inside this pack:

¬ creamy and powerful signature JC 808’s
¬ ear punching signature JC Kicks
¬ dirty, crunchy signature JC Snares
¬ club jumping signature JC Claps
¬ signature JC misc sounds (Brass, etc.)
¬ dope signature JC Vox samples
¬ insane signature JC FX sounds
¬ RARE signature JC Hats
¬ trap melody Loops
¬ signature JC Cymbals


Exclusive sounds only Jordan Comolli has.


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    ©2020 by Jordan Comolli.